The Mission of Project GRAD Houston

MISSION: Project GRAD helps Houstonians get into and through college or career training.

VISION: Project GRAD was founded on a vision of equity – that ALL youth deserve access to an education that leads to a rewarding future. GRAD’s belief is that all individuals can improve their lives when they gain access to the guidance, resources, and ongoing support to develop and achieve goals for post-secondary attainment or workforce training.

The impact of GRAD’s work is measured by the success of GRAD clients, and our contribution to the knowledge and work of partners, including the support of systemic change to remove barriers of access and improve outcomes for all.

GOALS: GRAD addresses the educational and workforce inequity that separates the marginalized from the affluent. Our goals are defined by meeting or exceeding the most current academically accepted key indicators of success in educational attainment and workforce readiness at the State and local levels.  

Specific goals related to the July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021 operating year:

Reach: GRAD will serve 6,000 unique clients with one-on-one advising and/or group workshops.

College Success: Currently in Harris County, 30% of low-income students are completing college. GRAD’s community college and university students will outperform their peers in college success, contributing to the Texas goal of achieving a 60% college completion rate by 2030.

College Enrollment: Currently in Harris County, 62% of low-income students are enrolling in a community college or university. GRAD’s high school seniors and young adults will achieve an 80% college enrollment success rate.

Financial Aid & College Applications: Currently in Texas, 55% of high school seniors are completing a FAFSA. GRAD’s high school students and college students and young adults will achieve a 90% success rate for completing financial aid applications (FAFSA and TASFA) and college applications.

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