College and Career Institutes

Every summer, Project GRAD serves approximately 1,000 GRAD Scholars in our award-winning College Institutes. Each College Institute is based on its own unique theme focused on high-demand careers in the Houston area. During the multi-day program, students tour the college campus, receive information about college applications and financial aid, participate in personal interest inventories linked to career options, and experience college classroom instruction related to certificates and degrees needed for high-demand careers. As a result, students better understand potential education pathways – and the choices they have in order to access the future they hope to create for themselves. If you attend every day of an Institute you will be entered to win a $500 scholarship. Contact us at for more information and eligibility.

Project GRAD Scholars: CLASS ACT

Upon enrolling in 9th grade, students have the opportunity to become Project GRAD Scholars. They and their parents sign a commitment to make college and career readiness a priority during high school and to achieve important benchmarks. All Scholars participate in a rigorous, well-defined curriculum called “CLASS ACT” that leads them step by step along the path to and through college.

Financial Aid Guidance

Prior to high school graduation and continuing through college, GRAD works with students and families to access all available public financial aid and scholarship opportunities for which they are eligible.

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