Diana Featherston

Director of Data and Analytics

Diana Hernandez Featherston is the Technology and Data Manager at Project GRAD Houston. In this role, Diana has most recently taken the lead in developing a comprehensive data management and communication system that supports data-driven programming and effective outcome reporting. She provides expertise in project design and coordination as well as data collection and analysis. As a Project GRAD alumni, Diana understands how the right support team can take the desire to attend college and create an actual road map to college graduation. Prior to Project GRAD, Diana spent five years at Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston where she oversaw many projects for the Meals on Wheels department. Diana was selected to participate in United Way’s Learning Circles for Emerging Leaders, and she also received a Meals on Wheels Association of America’s Next Leader Scholarship. Diana was fortunate to participate in Big Brothers and Sisters as a little sister. This experience only helped her recognize early on the importance of non-profits in our communities.


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