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January 10, 2018
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Project GRAD’s mission is to improve lives in low-income communities by helping individuals develop and achieve their educational and career aspirations. The GRADcafé Manager is an essential member of the Project GRAD team who leads the GRADcafé in Baytown, a joint initiative of GRAD and Lee College, and who contributes to Project GRAD Houston as a whole.


In collaboration with Lee College:

  1. Build a strong working partnership between GRAD and Lee College in support of the GRADcafé initiative.
  2. Bring together GRAD and Lee College staff and student workers as a unified GRADcafé team marked by passion, high standards, and integrity.
  3. Offer best-in-class college and career-readiness advising and programs to Baytown-area individuals and families through GRADcafé, including drop-in counseling, workshops, the GRAD Scholar Program, the Aspiring Young Adults (AYA) program, and emergency scholarship administration.
  4. Empower Baytown-area GRAD Scholars and AYA and their families, providing them the knowledge, experiences, and support they need to develop and achieve their educational and career aspirations.
  5. Raise the rates of enrollment in, persistence through, and graduation from college and certificate programs for GRAD Scholars and AYA, with an emphasis on credentials leading to employment in high-demand, high-growth careers.


  1. Manage GRADcafé, ensuring program goals, grant objectives, and contractual obligations are achieved.
  2. Coordinate and support the work of the GRADcafé team, including GRAD Advisor(s), Lee College outreach specialists, and student workers. Manage and evaluate the work of GRAD employees. Instill a sense of accountability among team members and ensure all set goals and hold themselves to high standards, including accurate and prompt documentation of work in database and regular utilization of data and reporting to inform planning.
  3. Remain current on policy and resources relevant to GRADcafé. Develop and administer a professional development program for GRADcafé staff to ensure continual improvement in programs and advising.
  4. Develop and implement a communications and outreach plan to raise the profile of GRADcafé.
  5. Develop and convene an advisory council to the GRADcafé, building strong relationships with Lee College, the City of Baytown, and other partners in the Baytown area to support the work of GRADcafé.
  6. Build strong GRAD Scholar and AYA programs, developing effective case management and referral systems to help Scholars and AYA develop and achieve their educational and career aspirations.
  7. Develop and manage partnerships with CBOs, schools, colleges, and/or companies, developing effective referral systems and ensuring good management of relationships, programs, and projects and compliance with contractual obligations.
  8. Seek opportunities and make recommendations for program improvement, innovation, and meaningful collaboration.
  9. Report regularly to the Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer regarding GRADcafé, the GRAD Scholar program, and the AYA program. Communicate on an ongoing basis regarding progress and challenges. Prepare written reports as requested.
  10. Attend community events and meetings to represent and promote GRADcafé and GRAD programs.
  11. Coordinate across GRAD departments to ensure quality professional development and training for GRADcafé staff.
  12. Coordinate across GRAD departments to ensure curriculum and data systems are well-designed to support GRADcafé programs.
  13. Coordinate across GRAD departments in support of grant writing, administration and reporting.
  14. Other duties as assigned to support the success of GRADcafé and GRAD programs.


  1. Report to Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer.
  2. Collaborate with GRAD senior leadership for mutual support of initiatives and strategic planning.
  3. Coordinate the work of GRADcafé with Lee College and the GRADcafé Advisory Council ensuring that all stakeholders are engaged and informed.
  4. Lead the work of the GRADcafé team, including GRAD Advisor(s), Lee College outreach specialists, and student workers.
  5. Coordinate work across GRAD departments as necessary to support GRAD programs, accounting, grant administration, development, communications, curriculum development, professional development, program evaluation, and scholarship administration.
  6. Communicate with school, college, CBO, and corporate partners to plan, review, and improve collaborative projects.


3 years of managerial experience

5 years of experience supporting young adults to achieve college and career readiness and success, or other relevant experience in urban public school, college, university, or non-profit.

Familiarity with Baytown neighborhoods or similar communities.

Experience managing relationships and joint projects between organizations.

Familiarity with educational systems and community-based organizations.

Experience using data analysis to inform programs.

Demonstrated ability to exercise sound judgment in problem-solving and decision-making.


Bachelor’s Degree required, Master’s Degree preferred.


Mission-driven, with a passion for empowering GRAD Scholars and families.

Integrity and good judgment.

Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Excellent organizational skills.

Flexibility and the ability to adapt to change.

Self-motivated. Takes initiative and ownership of work and results. Strong customer service ethic.

Strong time management. Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.

Excellent management skills and the ability to create a high-performing and engaged team.

Excellent analytical skills, including decision trees and flow charts.

Strong project management skills.

Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Salesforce.

Valid Texas Driver’s License, proof of liability insurance, ability to travel to meeting locations as needed.

Proficiency in Spanish preferred.

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to

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