GRAD reaches more than 6,000 individuals in the Greater Houston area each year with free college and career advising. The need for education of our youth is immediate and essential. The majority of GRAD’s clients live in communities of low-income throughout Harris County where educational attainment and unemployment data indicate high need. Many clients from these areas are also first-generation college students seeking guidance on their journey to and through community college or university. The more we are successful in supporting youth to stay on-track for completing education and training, the more quickly our youth –particularly our youth experiencing economic disadvantage -will begin earning and contributing to the economic recovery of our region.

GRAD is poised to respond to the needs of these communities, to address present realities while helping individuals maintain a focus on their plans and preparations for the future because of:

  • GRAD’s history of helping individuals achieve success;
  • GRAD’s proven capacity to responding quickly and effectively;
  • GRAD’s deep partnerships with higher education systems and other high performing organizations, and
  • GRAD’s enduring commitment to keep youth on track with relevant resources amidst emerging needs and shifting priorities.

GRAD’s work is vital, now more than ever, in reaching low-income students and families; students enrolled in community college or university; and young adults who seek improved employment opportunities through re-engagement in college or career training. To have a chance for success in the 21st century, every young person must go beyond a high school diploma. Not just a few, and not just the ones everyone expects to go, but everybody. This is why Project GRAD exists. Since 1994, when very few organizations were taking action on this crucial issue, GRAD has empowered underserved students and families to develop and achieve their educational aspirations. With partner support, GRAD can help to improve academic and employment outcomes for Houstonians who need it most.

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